We are so pleased that you have considered a Statewide Enterprises, Inc. property for your next home! To help you get started in the process, please review the below frequently-asked questions and answers – we look forward to welcoming you to one of our communities in the near future.

click here to expandHow much does it cost to apply? Who has to apply? How do I link my application with my co-applicant’s/cosigner’s?

The application fee is $40.00 per applicant. That fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application. All of those individuals who are 18 years of age or older and plan to reside in the unit must submit their own application, without exception. Cosigners submit the same application as potential residents, however they will select the, “I am applying as a co-signer/guarantor for another applicant. (I will not be living on the property)” option on the first page of the application. Applications for multiple people can be linked manually by the property manager – be sure to communicate the names of all individuals submitting an application with you so that they can be linked and reviewed together.

click here to expandI understand that a credit check is a part of the application process. Will you running my credit affect my score? Can I provide you my own credit report instead?

The credit report that we use is a “soft inquiry” into your score – meaning that it will NOT affect your score. We use the Equifax FICO score – if you are able to provide proof of a valid (within the last 3 months) report, that includes a criminal background check, we would be happy to review. If, upon review of the presented report, it is determined that it does not provide the required information, we would proceed with running the credit check as normal.

click here to expandHow long does the application process take?

The length of time it takes to review the application varies, depending on whether or not the application was submitted complete – meaning all of the supporting documentation was included in the initial submission. We strive to provide an answer to you within 2 business days (or less), assuming all of the required documentation is on-hand. In order to expedite the process, have your photo identification and proof of income ready to attach to your application submission. Reach out to rental references in advance and ask for their assistance in providing a speedy response to our property manager’s inquiry for rental verification.

click here to expandHow much does it cost to rent a refrigerator from the company? When can I expect to have the refrigerator delivered upon move-in? What if I change my mind part-way through my lease and no longer wish to rent a refrigerator? What if I change my mind after move-in and wish to rent a refrigerator?

The fridge rental prices are as follows: 10 cu ft: $25 per month (stainless steel $35 per month), 15 cu ft: $30 month (stainless steel $40 per month). Refrigerators are only ordered upon confirmation of the fully-executed lease and payment of all move in funds. Therefore the refrigerator may be delivered following one’s actual move-in date. Typically, the turnaround time is approximately one week. In order to expedite delivery, sign your lease and pay all your move in funds in advance of your move-in date so that the order can be placed. Refrigerators can only be added at the start of a lease. They cannot be removed or added once your tenancy has started.

click here to expandCan I review a sample lease prior to confirming that I wish to move forward with the unit?

Yes, a sample lease may be viewed here.

click here to expandIs subleasing allowed?

We do not allow subleasing in any of our buildings.

click here to expandDo you offer short-term leases?

Our standard lease agreement is a 12-month lease. We can offer 6-month leases with an additional monthly surcharge to the rent ($100 extra per month for rents below $1500 and $200 extra per month for rents $1500 and higher).

click here to expandI am applying at one of your dog-friendly buildings – how do I know if my dog is on your company’s list of “restricted breeds”?

Our current list of restricted breeds is as follows: Akita, Alaskan Malamutes, American Staffordshire Terriers, Boxers, Chow Chows, Dalmatians, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Huskies, Pit Bulls, Presa Canario, Rottweilers, St. Bernards, and Wolf Hybrids.

click here to expandThe building that I am interested in is not dog-friendly, but I have a service or comfort dog. What is the process for approval?

In order to approve the accommodation for acceptance of a dog at a building in which dogs are not accepted, the company requires a letter from a medical provider stating that the applicant has a disability and that the dog is a required accommodation of said disability. Please note that, in most cases, we would not consider a generic ESA certificate as sufficient documentation to provide this accommodation. The same documentation listed above is required for any other disability accommodation that is needed by an applicant.

click here to expandI have a service or comfort dog that is on your company’s list of restricted breeds. What can be done in this case?

Assuming that the proper documentation as described above has been provided to the corporate office and the accommodation has been approved, your comfort dog of a restricted breed could be approved under the following conditions: (1) References from previous rental property management vouching for the non-aggressive nature of the dog with strangers, or (2) An in-person meeting with the Property Manager and your dog in which the Property Manager is able to interact with the dog and can vouch for the non-aggressive nature of the dog with strangers. If you have a trained, certified service dog, the above two conditions may not be necessary. Please contact the corporate office directly to further discuss your specific situation.

click here to expandI am considering electing for rental insurance coverage through Statewide Enterprises – will my personal belongings be covered under that plan?

No. The liability insurance that is offered through our company strictly satisfies the liability coverage required in the lease agreement. This would protect the building in the case of damage resulting from negligent acts of the tenant (i.e. fires, flooding, leaks, etc.).

click here to expandIs there a renter’s insurance plan available that would both satisfy the liability requirement and cover my personal belongings?

Yes. Roost Renter’s Insurance is available to our residents, although the price varies on a number of factors. Speak to the Property Manager for more information on that option. You can also read more on that here.