The decision to rent out an investment property gives you an opportunity to make a return on your investment. The challenge is determining the appropriate rate, marketing your property and keeping up with the needs of your tenants.

At Statewide Enterprises, we handle the challenges of renting out your property. When your tenants report a problem with the property, we work quickly to handle the situation and address any concerns that may arise. We also provide a simple online system that allows you to keep up with the status of your property.

Statewide’s Management Philosophy
Statewide Enterprises, Inc. offers a unique perspective in property management by combining its proven expertise in the field with careful consideration of the owner’s goals for the property. Our company’s success is based on its understanding of both the real estate market and our client’s financial considerations in operating the property.

Statewide Enterprises, Inc. prides itself on maintaining open, forthright and timely communication with the property owner. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of the relationship that we have with our clients. Our clients are apprised on an ongoing basis of all developments with regard to both the real estate market in general and the managed property in particular.

Employment and Supervision of On-site Personnel
Statewide Enterprises, Inc. emphasizes the importance of quality, whether it be the selection of vendor services or personnel. Great time and effort is devoted to ensure that the appropriate personnel fulfill all aspects of the work required for a particular property.

The specific selection of on-site personnel is accomplished with intense interviewing, testing, background and reference checking so that a “match” is achieved between the individual and the property. In addition, Statewide Enterprises, Inc. provides continuous training and education, including weekly individualized sessions, as well as monthly group seminars.

Statewide Enterprises, Inc. defines standard, formalized procedures to be followed at the property. Supervisors diligently monitor on-site personnel and conduct weekly inspections to ensure that the asset is being properly maintained.

Full Service Maintenance Crew
Statewide Enterprises, Inc. employs a full service maintenance crew of over twenty-five roving maintenance personnel. The use of our maintenance crew provides a significant cost savings to the properties over having to use outside vendors for repairs. In addition, our maintenance crew is available 24-hours a day – seven days a week for emergency calls.

Financial Reporting
Statewide Enterprises, Inc. maintains a fully integrated computerized bookkeeping system which supports tenant accounting as well as other aspects of the property’s financial status. This system enables our company to produce detailed ledgers on each tenant, operating statements, budget variance reports and general ledgers. Expenses related to a particular vendor or a specific unit at a property can be tracked easily and efficiently.

To speak to a company representative regarding using our property management services please contact us.